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Foxhide Farm dairy goats


We've been showing and raising dairy goats under the herd name Foxhide Farm since 2001. The herd consists mostly of Alpines.


We developed a certified goat dairy that has shipped milk to Central Kentucky cheese makers. When we first began this project, there were no licensed goat dairies or cheese manufacturing facilities in Kentucky. In July of 2008, we shipped the first licensed load of goat's milk ever in the state of Kentucky.


Our goals with the Foxhide herd are to breed the type of goat that can efficiently produce milk for a long level lactation. We do not breed goats simply to show. Rather, we breed goats that we are proud of and if they do well in a show ring, we're pleased. If not, we still like the animal. The vast majority of the herd carries our herd name. Our goal is to one day make a positive impact on the Alpine breed.


Todd is also a licensed judge with the American Dairy Goat Association and he thoroughly enjoys traveling across the country and getting to see the wonderful goats and meet their owners!

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